Youth Ministry

Few of us can remember any years in our life more uncomfortable and difficult than our teenage years.

Yet, a vibrant faith in God can make all the difference as a young man or woman is navigating these trying years. Secular sources are now even reporting that a vibrant life of faith has proven to make a huge difference in physical, emotional, and yes – even brain development in teenagers (Google Lisa Miller’s research to read more about that).

First Baptist Church has a warm, welcoming, vibrant youth program that allows teenagers to examine the Bible, develop their beliefs, and talk about difficult and awkward topics in a safe, God-centered environment.

If your teenager attends our youth ministry programs he or she will have the opportunity to be exposed to the entirety of the Bible, be encouraged to have formative discussions on faith, be equipped on talking about and sharing his or her faith with others, and be able to serve within the church, our Wilson community, and around the world.

Our church family invests heavily in the lives of our students, and you will not find a more nurturing environment nor more opportunity for spiritual growth.

Students can be involved in weekly Bible studies, build comradery with other teenagers on fun trips and through games, go on our trips to our favorite retreat spot Camp Caswell, and go on mission trips.

So come on up to the 3rd floor where our youth hang out and get plugged in. We would love to get to know you!

For more information on our youth program please contact our Youth Minister, Susan Johnson.